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Fleuron Rouge is a Belly Dance Troupe located in Buffalo, New York.
Contact us for additional information about Fleuron Rouge Belly Dance & Belly Dance in Buffalo, NY.

Fleuron Rouge Belly Dancers Buffalo NY

THE BELLYDANCE ACADEMY - Western NY Bellydance Resource Academy and Belly Dance Studio

SPUN OUT FIRE - Fire Spinners to light up your night.

BEATS ANTIQUE - Creative Electronica band featuring Zoe Jales, David Santori & Tommy Cappel.
One of the most awesome bands, check them out! Buffalo, NY Performance - May 8, 2012

ZOE JAKES - International Tribal Fusion Belly Dance performer, instructor and choreographer.
Can been seen in many instructional & performing DVDs. Has been a key part of
Bellydance Superstars, Yard Dog Road Show, The Indigo Belly Dance & Beats Antique.
Bellydance Academy Workshop & Performance - May 6-8, 2012

IRINA AKULENKO - New York City-based Middle Eastern & Tribal Fusion Belly Dance performer, teacher and choreographer.
Can been seen in many featured DVDs and performing with Belly Queen.
Bellydance Academy Workshop & Performance - July 31, 2011

SPUN OUT FIRE PRODUCTIONS - A unique group of Fire Spinners whos hometown is in Western NY featuring Bonzai and Wyld.
Bonzai also dances with Fleuron Rouge and will be offering Poi Spinning Classes at The Bellydance Academy in November 2011.

THE GYPSY PARLOR - If your near Buffalo, NY, this is the place to eat, drink & chill.

BELLYDANCE SUPERSTARS - Bellydance Supperstars is an international touring Belly Dance Troupe
created by Miles Copland and based in Southern California.
Bellydance Academy Bellydance Superstars Workshops

SAHRAH SHIMMIES - Professional Belly Dance Performer and Instructor Pittsburgh, PA
Bellydance Academy Workshop - February 23, 2013

PETITE JAMILLA - With an award winning style that escapes definition, and talent that is inescapable,
Petite has been bellydancing her entire life. Petite Jamilla is carrying on her mother’s legacy, Jamilla Rasa,
by bridging the generation gap between the traditional folkloric style and modern bellydance fusion.

LAUREN - Lauren is global, touring with the Bellydance Superstars. Translating music into motion,
Lauren captivates her audience with her sensitive and musical approach to the art of Bellydance.
Bellydance Academy Lauren Workshop - November 14, 2010

SERA SOLSTICE - Sera is a Bellydance Artist, Founder/Director of Solstice Studio, and Creatrix of "East Coast Tribal"
Bellydance Academy Sera Solstice Workshops & Performance - November 7, 2009 & July 15, 2012

DARSHAN - Tribal Fusion Belly Dancer & Co-founder of PURE (Public Urban Ritual Experiment)
Bellydance Academy Darshan Workshops & Performance - April 18, 2009

TEMPEST - The most recognized name associated with the art of Gothic Bellydance
Bellydance Academy Tempest Workshop & Performance - June 13, 2009

ASHARAH - Is a Dancer best known for her Dramatic Fusion of Tribal and Cabaret Styles
Bellydance Academy Ashara Workshop & Performance - June 13, 2009

RUBY - A Belly Dancer best known for Turkish Oriental Style Belly Dancing as well as traditional Floorwork
Bellydance Academy Workshop - May 22, 2011 & August 12, 2012

THE INDIGO BELLY DANCE - Rachel Brice, Mardi Love and Zoe Jakes

THE DURGA TOUR - Tempest, Tim Rayborn & Asharah
Bellydance Academy Tempest, Tim Rayborn & Asharah Workshops & Performances - June 13, 2009

FLEURON ROUGE ARTICLE - By Jennifer Lawandus, Buffalo Rising, July 22, 2008

UNMATA - Sacramento based high energy Fusion Bellydance Troupe with director Amy Sigil

HOME OF POI AND FIRE TWIRLING - Comprehensive information about poi, staff and twirling, including
animated lessons, discussion forums, building instructions, articles and a shop.

BELLA DEA - A Tribal Fusion Bellydance troupe based out of Buffalo, NY

IAMED - International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance

SHIRA - The Art of Middle Eastern Belly Dance

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